Order Management

Key Benefits

Dynamics Pricing and Discount
Multi Warehouse
Weighing Bridge
Mobile Sales Force
Order Management is used for companies that make sales transactions from the company production for industrial / manufacturing and purchasing of goods from the distributor/ trading.Improving customer service by speeding up the process of receiving orders to shipments.Providing sales information and sales analysis.
Creating sales planning for the counting of goods and material needs and planning of goods purchase and production in the future.Sales Order manages customer orders and sales transactions including direct order sales, canvas sales, consignment sales, sub contract services, branch sales, and Forecasting Credit Limit is facility of order limitation if it exceeds the receivable balance. Over duet Limit is facility of order limitation if there is due account receivable. EDI-Download receives orders from customers via EDI or e-mail (do not need data entry).Delivery Schedule

View on going delivery and create Delivery Order without doing manual entries. Delivery Order records transaction of goods delivery to the customer.

Warehouse staff records sales return transaction of receipt of goods return from the customer then credit notes automatic created and verified by the accounting. Sales Invoice is? for making bills to the customer. Expedition sales records expedition cost / freight for each way-bill letter.

Weighing Bridge records the value of scales of goods shipped so that heavy items can be controlled with the data in way-bill letter by multiplying the number of quantity with a weight standard of each goods. This function is tailored to the machine of weight stations used. Order Confirmation is facility to provide information if the requested order can be full filled in accordance with the amount and delivery time by taking into account the availability and the fulfillment of material needs and the available production capacity.

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