Project Manufacturing

Key Benefits

Reduce Manufacturing Cost
Increase Labor Productivity
Improve Quality
Reduce Parts Inventory
Shorter Lead Time
INTACS Dynamics Manufacturing It’s an application where BUSINESS USERS can change business rules and change the front-end extremely rapidly – in a couple of minutes or a couple hours .

INTACS Project Manufacturing is a new trend and powerful platform that enables the efficient creation of engineer to order manufacture rule-based and process-oriented applications. Following the basic idea of dynamic business applications, this applications fully customize to meet the change of business requirements.

INTACS Project Manufacturing was built to support a rapidly changing variuous manufacture business. This solution that helps manufacturers plan and control manufacturing process. This system can be tailored for multi-bill of Material and multi-warehouse.

Help manufacturers define competitiveness including, production lead time, flexibility in responding to changes in demand volume and variety, quality, price, responsiveness to customer delivery requirements.

Best Feature and Functionality

Project Planning
Shop Floor Control
Quality Analysis and Control
Project Costing
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