Project Manufacturing

INTACS Project Manufacturing

INTACS Project Manufacturing is a new trend and powerful platform that enables the efficient creation of engineer to order manufacture rule-based and process-oriented applications. Following the basic idea of dynamic business applications, this applications fully customize to meet the change of business requirements.

INTACS Project Manufacturing was built to support a rapidly changing variuous manufacture business. This solution that helps manufacturers plan and control manufacturing process. This system can be tailored for multi-bill of Material and multi-warehouse.

Help manufacturers define competitiveness including, production lead time, flexibility in responding to changes in demand volume and variety, quality, price, responsiveness to customer delivery requirements.

Key Benefits

Reduce Manufacturing Cost

Accelerates production while eliminating many types of waste such as setup, excess inventory, unnecessary handling, waiting, low equipment utilization, defects, and rework.

Increase Labor Productivity

Labour productivity is an important factor in the success of a company. To summarise, it impacts total output, capital productivity and various costs incurred by a company, and not only on labour costs. Hence, it is not a waste of time to improve labour productivity. A company’s output is as much dependent on labour productivity as it is on capital productivity. Similarly, it is necessary to increase labour productivity just as it is necessary to increase capital productivity. This calls for a total approach to productivity for the successful running of an organisation.

Improve Quality

Throughout the quality improvement process, it is essential that strong process discipline is employed. Depending on the product that is being manufactured, deviation without proper team cooperation and anticipation of the change could have dire quality repercussions. While the organization should avoid cumbersome bureaucracy that inhibits innovation, it is essential that some structure be employed to maintain consistency and an understanding of the way the product is produced during that time period so that root cause can also be identified later if new problems arise as a consequence of the change.

Reduce Parts Inventory

Inventory is a significant and visible asset in most companies – often the largest. INTACS Dynamics Manufacturing help to reduce it through Reduce replenishment lead times, Revise order cycles/quantities, Improve your forecasting, Centralize your inventory, and Reduce variability of demand and supply.

Shorter Lead Time

The impact of manufacturing on lead-time is most significant in limitations placed on the development of the production schedule and sequence, based on supply constraints or plant-specific sequencing rules.

Best Features and Functionality

Project Planning

Shop Floor Control

Quality Analysis and Control

Project Costing

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