Dynamic Business Platform using INTACS ERP

Dynamic Business Platform using INTACS ERP

INTACS (Integrated Accounting system) Dynamics was experienced in developing ERP business software for more than 20 years.  In 2012 INTACS developed a dynamics platform for business application which can be evolve based on business process changed. in this post you will understood about Dynamic Business Platform using INTACS ERP

Why using INTACS for Business?

INTACS focus on business software. We believe that all the business is unique and should be treated individually. INTACS research for the dynamics application which can growth, evolve with unlimited flexibility.


INTACS concerned about business and its software development, all of the process (input, person in charge, output, risk and business process) is analyzed before develop a business software. INTACS Software based on business process, it’s customized for customer.


A good businesses are business whom continually changed, they evolve and growth and for that reason business software should able to adapt with the actual process. INTACS using INTACS Dynamics Platform are able to change easily and quickly.

Penerapan Model Spiral dalam Aplikasi Dinamik ERP

Integrated and Independence

INTACS ERP designed to be integrated and independence. Integrated meant to be integrate with other System, therefore minimalized failure caused by human error, the information flow pass through the system, user does not need to input data repeatedly. More over INTACS Dynamics Platform allow customer to be independence since its ‘Zero Coding’ features. Customer only need to expertise their business system and they do not need to depend on the vendor application. As long as they able to analyze their business process.

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